Monday, January 27, 2014

Oh, Urban Decay your getting A Touch Ratchet.


Do You Cry GLITTER??

Oh Urban Decay... What happened boo. We used to be BFF's. We used to ride or die. We used to be tight. We used to be close. USED to be being the operative word in all those statements.

Oh UD you had me with all teh pretties. The sparkles. The purples. The shiny new packaging. Like Urban Decay had me at hello. So you can imagine how excited i was when i peeped the Urban Decay Moondust Eyeshadow in Intergalactic. I was jazzed like a baby beauty queen on go go juice.

But when this launched it got some interesting reviews mainly from Temptalia. Which was a little less than favorable, but Liana really loved them. So figuured why not just go ahead and give it a try..... I thought wrong.

What i was looking for was a purple-y dark greyish color to be used as a single shadow on the lid. I wanted something super reflective and metallic. BUT what i got was FALLOUT like a #Beast. Glitter streaks resembling tears (When you havent actually been crying), and worst of all the dreaded glitter migration (It has to find a better home obvi). I mean even when you swatch this the glitter gets err- where and you will randomly find it in obscure places on you body hours later. Its kind of like fast acting Herpes.

Its just I cant its so I cant there are no words to describe the immense feelings of dread and hatred at the epic fail of this shadow.... No, there are words apparently.

The greatest glitter related tragedy since Mariah Carey made her motion picture debute in a "critically acclaimed" moving picture in hi-def technicolor. 

Not recommended for really anyone, im not a fan, just dont do it. Trust in Temptalia (at least one this one) and skippity skip boo.

Dee Dee
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Monday, January 13, 2014

My Most Used Powder Brushes


Real Techniques, Sephora IT, Rite Aid Renewal, Real Techniques

I love me some makeup brushes y'all. Call me what you will:

Makeup Artist
Beauty Blogger
Makeup Addict

Yah know whatevs.. 

As many brushes as I do own, there are several that I continually reach for, and you might be surprised to find out which ones are my most used. I have all kinds of brushes ranging in price from $3 to $100.

My most used personal brushes doesnt necessarily mean most expensive or most luxurious. My most used brushes comes down to ease of use and most importantly how easy are they to clean.

The Real Techniques Blush Brush is $8.99 at Ulta. This one is marketed as a blush brush, and i can see why, it is tapered  to a point with a larger belly/body for blending. All of those thing make it good for blush, it just doesn fit into my preferred blush style. I like this one for applying translucent powder because I pick up the product with the point and blend with the rest of the brush. This is a synthetic hair brush.

The Sephora IT Precise Natural Powder Brush #121 this one is discontinued, but can still be found on eBay. This one is a flat paddle style brush with an almost sharp (relative term) point. This one would be excellent for bronzer and contour because of that point but i love it for the Hourglass Ambient Lighting powder, in ethereal light. I can apply it where I want it (basically all over setting powder.... hey #yolo) and really work it into the high points of the face, and blend blend blend. This is a natural hair brush.

The Rite Aid Renewal Face Brush is $7-9 (depending on where you are and what kind of sale is going on). This was definitely a 2013 beauty discovery. This brush is AMAZING!! and as a general rule i automatically hate cheap cosmetics and brushes. These things w0w. It is very dense and most importantly washes very easy. It is one of the densest brushes i have. The bristles are made out of taklon which is also what the Real Techniques brushes are made of. This is also about the same quality of the Real Techniques. I use this for foundation powder and finishing powder. This is a synthetic hair brush.

The Real Techniques Large Powder Duo Fiber Brush is $19.99 and comes in a set with 2 other brushes. This IS limited edition yall so get on dis quick!!! I love this one and use it for all of the above, This does give a lighter application so if you prefer the no makeup makeup look, this one is for you. The bristles are very loosely packed and it feels great on the skin. This is a synthetic hair brush.

Finally what i look for in my own makeup application is something that never lets me down, can me easily be cleaned, BUT mostly im looking for something if I loose or destroy I wont be heartbroken and bankrupt.

Tell me in the comments, tweet me, instagram me,  or whatevs, what is your most used, most beloved powder brushes?? Which ones do i need to check out.?

PRO TIPS: People dont like to pay top dollar for cheap tools. If your a makeup artist save all the pennies, pick up a part time job, just whatever you need to. Brides do not really want a makeup artist for the look, they want a makeup artist for the experience, for the luxury, and the memory of their special day.

Dee Dee
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