Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Netflix Nightmare: The Bling Ring..


Ok somebody please, please tell me why this was THE movie too see??

Waaaay toooo HIPster, and not in a cool IDGAF but secretly your opinion means everything to me kinda way. 

The style in which it was shot made this look and feel like an upscale porn or a really good YouTube video. NOT a major motion picture. The worst movie I've seen in years. 

The acting was meh, the highly stylized over exposed film cinametography was meh, the acting was meh (oh wait did I mention that one). I just don't get it!!! Why was this movie so heralded and applauded?? Like what? We all know that a lot of ppl want to be famous, who aren't. A lot of ppl want to be rich and have nice things, who aren't. But doesn't make a compelling movie my friend. 

The ONLY saving grace was Emma Watson and her aKtin sKillZ. Her lines and scenes were the highlight of the movie. I suggest just go to YouTube type in "Best of Emma Watson in The Bling Ring" and boom 💥 save yourself the 90 minutes of pain. Her dead pan delivery was absolutely amazing and dead on, if you know the source material. Idk maybe  besides the fact that Emma IS a great actress, there is coverage a plenty of Alexis Neiers (the girl in which her character is based). They be bat shit cray yo!! 

Like DUH, totes skippable y0!
Dee Dee

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