Monday, September 14, 2015

Dear Blog.......

Why dont you write yourself???

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Tuesday, May 19, 2015

That Time Estée Lauder Lied To Me.

Ok what went wrong guiese???

The rumors of a new release of a powder gelée started in (if I'm not mistaken) January, in Feburary there was speculation that it was the ever-elusive Heat Wave.... By March the disappointment of the harsh reality of a cruel world had settled in.

The feeding frenzy we have come to expect surrounding the Bronze Goddess release that includes a powder gelée came on early and strong. (I'm talking crackers at the duck pond here people.) The fog of HW lifting at least we could console ourselves with a new powder gelée, right?? Right! Well no actually. Because it's NOTHING like a powder gelée!

It's nothing but a cheap, low down dirty trick! This is actually not an Estée Lauder Pure Color Powder Gelée. Oh no! This... This right her... This right here girl is an imposter! Oh yes! 

The texture doesn't match, the pigmentation doesn't match, hell the ingredients don't match!!! It's not a highlighter it's not a blush, it's not a face powder, what the hell is it? 

Can you feel my disdain? ⬅️ is the point I stopped at two weeks ago, because I can't think of anything to say other than I don't like it, I never will. Also there was this whole group of people that were just absolutely convinced that this was a re-release of Heat Wave..... ���� wah, wah, waaahhhhh�� yeah this is not her hunty. 

I've tried all manors of application, and I can't actually see anything on my skin. Oh girl it's deep in here right now. I've even taken a MAC 109 and packed it on like I was stacking pancakes. And guess what??? I didn't see ANYthing. I was not beat for the gods, oh no! This is such a waste of a good product. This collection is a staple in summer and always a huge hit for Lauder, they could have launched this powder as an multipurpose facial powder (similar to MAC beauty powders) and I wouldn't have been mad. They could have said it was just a highlighter and I still wouldn't have been mad, but since they choose to label it as a powder gelee it feels like they intentional tried to pull a fast one.... And THATS what's makes me mad. 

Here is a video review of the complete collection from the everso talented Dustin Hunter. BTW'z he agrees with me. Dustin was also gracious enough to provide several of the photos for the blog..... (only the very nice ones, the other ones are from yours truly) He is spreading his product knowledge all over teh interwebZ you can catch him on YouTube, InStagram, Twitter, and ofcourse all over his FACE, and blog!.

#devastated.... #betrayed.
Dee Dee

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Thursday, May 7, 2015

What Happens When Guys Take Bras Off Each Other??


I get too much joy from this channel on YouTube
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Thursday, April 30, 2015

The Tres Amigas Mothers Day Giveaway


The Tres Amigas Mother’s Day Giveaway

$150 in e-Gift Cards given out to 2 winners ($75 each)!!!

I have come together with two of my friends to bring to our followers THE BEST GIVEAWAY EVER!!!!! 

@mandycon, @lipstickjunkieforever, and I are hosting an amazing giveaway that will run from May 1 through the 10th!

There will be two winners each one will get a $75 dollar e-Gift Card from either MAC or Sephora! The MAC gift card will be given away through Instagram and is perfectly timed for the launch of the MAC Wash and Dry collection’s online launch on May 14th! The second gift card will be chosen through Rafflecopter and will give you plenty of opportunities to enter!!! You can customize how many entries you would like to have. So, check out both our Instagram and Rafflecopter giveaways and see whether you can win yourself $75 to spend on makeup, makeup, and even more makeup!!!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Dee Dee
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Thursday, March 12, 2015

Moma is BACK!!!

Hey guys a quickie update to let you know, that I had my surgery!!! YaY I am doing so much better, recovery is going great! My pain level has decreased significantly so significantly we can just call it ZERO! I am so happy to report that I will be shortly returning to blogging! Thank you to all the well wishes and kind words, they were much appreciated!

Dee Dee
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Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Netflix Nightmare: The Bling Ring..


Ok somebody please, please tell me why this was THE movie too see??

Waaaay toooo HIPster, and not in a cool IDGAF but secretly your opinion means everything to me kinda way. 

The style in which it was shot made this look and feel like an upscale porn or a really good YouTube video. NOT a major motion picture. The worst movie I've seen in years. 

The acting was meh, the highly stylized over exposed film cinametography was meh, the acting was meh (oh wait did I mention that one). I just don't get it!!! Why was this movie so heralded and applauded?? Like what? We all know that a lot of ppl want to be famous, who aren't. A lot of ppl want to be rich and have nice things, who aren't. But doesn't make a compelling movie my friend. 

The ONLY saving grace was Emma Watson and her aKtin sKillZ. Her lines and scenes were the highlight of the movie. I suggest just go to YouTube type in "Best of Emma Watson in The Bling Ring" and boom �� save yourself the 90 minutes of pain. Her dead pan delivery was absolutely amazing and dead on, if you know the source material. Idk maybe  besides the fact that Emma IS a great actress, there is coverage a plenty of Alexis Neiers (the girl in which her character is based). They be bat shit cray yo!! 

Like DUH, totes skippable y0!
Dee Dee

** All images were found on gewgle**
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Friday, October 3, 2014

A Real Talk Review from a Cynic: Younique 3D Fiber Lash Mascara.


I cant believe it.....

I saw all these post both loving and bashing this lash system, and yes this a "system," that I had mixed feelings about the whole thing. As a matter of fact I had been contacted a few times before and I always sweetly declined. (as nice as possible, obvi!! I aint about burning no bridges yall) I think the problem with the brand is also why its soooo popular, is its maj-A in your face social media presence.

The pure skeptic in me was.. well, skeptical. The before and afters looked to good to be true, but oh no, its the real deal my friends. I LOVE IT!!! omg. ITs really good. I just cant stop talking about it. 

So this sweetheart named Brandi reached out to me and asked if i'd like to try this for review. She really believed in the products and I decided to give it a try. She has just started uploading short videos to her Facebook, and is honestly so sweet. She's also on Instagram, and has a Younique store front. When I had questions or problems she was so helpful. 

So lets talk about this mascara. It comes in a re-useable case thats looks a lot like a eyeglasses case. Inside there are 2 tubes... oh yes you read that right yall, 2 TUBES! The long one is a transforming gel and the shorter one is the fibers.

Transforming Gel
So you can apply a coat of your mascara first, but I usually dont. So first you apply the gel, then the fibers, then the gel again. Afterwards it is very important that you comb your lashes out. I had experienced some of the fibers falling down, I asked Brandi about this and she helped out with some tips. First of all only do one eye at a time, and make sure that you coat the fibers with the gel again. 


Out of the days I wore this, 90% of the time i didnt experience and smudging. Which leads me to believe that when it does smudge thats do to me not coating the fibers.

Ive seen some of the memes that make this mascara look craZy. You can achieve this look, if you want by applying more and more coats. Embrace your inner Drag Queen, 80's Housewife, or Tammy Fae yall. You do you. BUT all that being said, I prefer just one coat. The one coat gives me long extended lashes that are fun and flirty without the use of false lashes. I DONT DO FALSIES yall. I have a bad history with false lashes and glue. I love this so I can get that look without the falsies. 

My favorite use of this mascara system is in place of falsies. I love doing full on eye looks, and those looks look better with your big girl lashes on. My second favorite look with this is a minimal makeup, lips and lashes type day.

1. NO Glue!!
2. (after you get the hang of it) Ease of Use
3. Portable
4. Big lashes
5. Tammy Fae Lashes
6. Easy Removal
7. Limited to No Smudging
8. No Repeatedly Purchasing Fake Lashes.

1. Really should have come with a lash comb
2. Tammy Fae Lashes.
3. Lashes Touch My Eyeglasses.

I hope this review helps, considering it comes from someone who automatically hates errthang. lol

Dee Dee
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