Saturday, September 13, 2014

Beauty Blogger Supplies: Cheap Wipes

Ok Wal-Mart got me on this one. 

The Equate Beauty Original Clean Wet Cleansing Towelettes... (woah man what a name) are an affordable and utalitarian blogging tool that you might want to check out. 

The come in a two 60 packs packaged together for your blogging pleasure. They are mildly textured to help remove makeup. 

They are lightly scented and there is another version that is for sensitive skin (they have a green strip where this one is blue). 

So for $6 you get 120 wipes for removing the swatchy swatches. The only issues I have with these is that they are not wet enough to remove MY face makeup. Although this might be different from you, because I wear long wearing 14+hours makeup. #CakeDatFaceBoo. But I LOVE THESE FOR SWATCHES!!! These are a must have for bloggers who take multiple swatches at a time!! I never run out!! 

1. Cheap
2. Bundled pack
3. Effective for removing swatches
4. Easily accessible at your local Wally World 

1. Sticker Closure
2. Not very effective on long wearing makeup.

So I ask you, what's your favorite way of removing swatches?? 

Dee Dee

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Nordstrom now has the 3 new Mac collections

Nordstrom has the 3 newest Mac collections online!!!

The Marge and Mac Simpsons collection,  Studio Sculpt collection, and Artifically Wild collections are all live!!! I have already placed an order, are you planning on ordering anything??? Tell me below! 
Happy Shopping

Dee Dee

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Zoeva 105 Luxe Highlight

Possibly the BEST highlighting brush i've ever found!! THE BEST

I recently had a friend, Frankie (luv2luv77) send me a package and it included 2 of these brushes. Frankie is an amazing friend. He sends me the best care packages!! He is truly one of the best friends ive made with the help of the internet... He has a YouTube channel. He is one of the most caring human beings i have came across. Rather it be in skin care to basics he has a wealth of information about the beauty industry. Truly a resource. So when he sent me a package and included 2 of these I knew it must be something special. Because lets face it the sign of a good brush is if you like it enough you need multiples... Can i get an AMEN!

This little guy is DA BOMB .COM .NET and .GOV it is just perfection. Im almost at a loss for words... almost so let me try to string something together here. First what Zoeva says: 

"Our ZOEVA 105 Luxe Highlight is a luxurious highlighter brush with a natural-synthetic hair blend free of dye. Supersoft and silky, it’s flame-shaped head creates instantly light-reflecting results. Be polished, be beautiful."

Its that Blend of synthetic and natural fibers that i think gives this brush a leg up on its competition. It is ULTRA and I mean ULTRA soft. If I hadn't read the description I would have said this is 100% natural hair. Its just that soft. I do prefer a natural hair brush for powder products and most things in general (with the exception of cream shadow but thats a different story). Another little thing that goes along with the natural-synethic mix is that this brush pics up the absolute perfect amount of product. And BLENDS it blends like a dream. #YouCAntBlendWithUS What Zoeva says:

Real Techniques Contour Brush, Zoeva 105 Luxe Highlight, Mac 109 Small Contour Brush

"The 105 Luxe Highlight is the perfect tool for highlighting your cheekbones, nose, cupid’s bow or cleavage. Thanks to its tapered shape this brush can also be used as a contouring tool for a beautifully defined face."

MAC 109: Natural bristles (animal products) domed top. $35
Real Techniques Contour Brush: Synthetic Fibers (vegan friendly) sharply tapered. $17.99 in a set.
Zoeva 105 Luxe Highlight: Duo Fiber (both animal & synthetic) tapered $19.50

I find that the Mac 109 can be used for powder products all over the face blush, contour, highlight, and setting powder. This brush is domed at the top and around the edges, BUT the dome on the top is practically flat with the edges being tapered around the circumference of the bristles.

The Real Techniques brush has the most severe taper out of all three. This is best used for contour and highlight in my opinion. This is also a dream with cream products.

The taper on the Zoeva brush is to die for!! It is tapered enough to serve as an excellent contour, highlight and blush! It comes to a very fine point which is great for picking up color. For contouring and highlighting I lightly dip the tip of the brush into the product and place the color on my face, then lay the brush down so the belly of the brush can blend the color out. (in?) Now for blush, this IS not my go to blush brush, but it works in a pinch. I actually like using one brush for all three it cuts down on time when im in a hurry. This is also goo for my personal 'blush philosophy' i'm always so careful about not getting blush all over the whole of my cheeks! Its all about that precision blush placement baby. I can even see using this for precise finishing powder placement. **This is very similar to the now long discontinued MAC 165** Yes if you missed out on the 165 or are searching for another one look no further!! 

1. Ultra Soft
2. Multiple Uses
3. Doesnt Shed 
4. MAC 165 Dupe
5. White Bristles are Stain Resistant
6. Lower Price Point (around $19.50)
7. Ships (almost) Worldwide

1. International Shipping Fee 
2. (Slightly) Shorter Handle 

In conclusion.... YOU NEED THIS BRUSH. Trust me boo, you do. The possibilities are endless. The quality is by far on the same level as MAC and a lot of Sephora Brands. The design of this brush is very sleek and Lux, it fits its name. The presentation just feels luxurious, with the black handle, silver toned ferrel, and white bristles.

Dee Dee

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Trash Talk: Empties Would I Re-Purchase?

Sometimes you save your trash to talk about it on the internet.... YEP i'm that kind of blogger now.

So here is a look at some of the things i'm saying adu to, and tossing! YaY!

The Real Techniques brush completely separated at the ferrule. The brush hairs just came out! Now i don't plan on letting this one brush affect my feelings on the brand i still love all the brushes i have and i have many. So if this happens again i will report back, until then i stand by the company 100%.

Urban Decay Primer Potion in Sin! I love this stuff, I am currently using the original Primer Potion. The Urban Decay is as of right now, my holy grail eye primer. I will absolutely re-purchase this.

The Sephora by Opi Quick Dry Nail spray is kinda sad to write about since the dont make this anymore!! THE MAN ALWAYS TRYING TO HOLD ME DOWN!!!!! I loved this one in particular because it was a spritzer spray and not an aerosol. Because aerosol sprays often provoke an asthma attack. Look at Sephora solving a problem and shit then discontinuing the line..... Thanks Bae. #sarcasam.

The Anastasia Beverly Hills Eyebrow Gel in Clear is my favorite brow gel period. I got this sample and it lasted literally 6-9 months! I have already re-purchased this. And just a tip these are regular priced at $22 for a full size but Nordstrom usually has a 2-pack during their big summer beauty event for $30 so definitely worth the investment there.

The Narciso Rodriquez for Her Eau de Toilette is everything. My perfume sample hoarding is off the chain. Lets just be honest i have a ton......  The fact that i finished these and saved them to remember to purchase is something in itself. I thoroughly enjoyed this scent and i will be ordering a full size but i am probably going to order the Eau de Parfum.

Urban Decay Primer Potion in Sin is lovely. I use some form of eye primer everyday and more likely than not it is from Urban Decay. I loved this one, the packaging left something to be desired but that has now been changed. There are only 2 cons to this product.... #1 they dont sell this size anymore and #2 The shimmer in this one doesn't really make this an option (for me) to place from lashline to lid. I did really enjoy just using this one on its own, as an all over color. Overall i would repurchase this but its not tat the top of my list.

Dr. Dennis Gross Alpha Beta Peel Extra Strength Formula have you tried this yet? If you havent what are you doing with your life?? These come in different strengths to accommodate everyones skin type. This has the Karate Kid 'wax on, wax off' principle down to a science. Both step 1 & 2 are individually wrapped and come on little cotton pads. The best cotton pads ive ever seen! Its not they are so lux and fluffy. Its just the don't rip apart. This is an awesome exfoliating treatment that doesnt have to be washed off!!!

And that concludes this trash talk.... What have you used up in the last few months?? Anything you cant wait to buy again or anything you decided you just flat out hate and will never think about again??

Till Next Time Friends
Dee Dee

Monday, June 2, 2014

Instagram Etiquette 101: s4s

Lets At Least Attempt to Keep It Classy on IG......

Instagram has over 200 million monthly users, so with so many users its easy to get lost in the shuffle. No matter how good your content is, sometimes you need a little help spreading the word about your awesome pics.

And so enters the s4s. Share for share is something that is fairly common on Instagram. It is where you share a persons photo on your page, then they share one of your photos on their page. It not only exposes your photos to their followers but, your followers will get the chance to see someones photos that they might not have found yet.

BUT there are a few non-written rules that you need to be aware of before you participate in a s4s.

DO have fun...its just an app.
DO share pages you actually like and follow
DO take the time to find the best pic on that persons page
DO be sincere when writing something about that person, dont just @ them.
DO Leave that person's pic on your page for a minimum of 24 hours
DO BE honest, if your only going to choose 5 to 10...say so!!
DO  Pick accounts that is similar to your own, your followers are more likely to them.
DO remember that be a part of and building a "community" will be the best way to gain more followers, not with a s4s. So comment on photos, respond to questions, and make friends.

DONT DM somebody begging for a share, just wait till the host a s4s
DONT do a s4s just to sell your products this is really shady and desperate.
DONT exclude someone just because you dont like their look, WE ARE ALL HUMANS!!
DONT Get upset if you didnt get picked! theres always next time.
DONT Burn any bridges, its just an app!
DONT pressure someone into following you, please dont comment on peoples pics, asking them for a follow.
DONT host a s4s daily, or often!! your followers wont like it, remember they follow YOU, for your style, or personality, etc. They dont follow a commercial, and they wont like feeling that they are only getting sold something.

Three Instagram'ers Three Opinions on s4s.

deedeetn on Instagram (Me!!) 12.5K followers

"I only host s4s about once a month, but if I see one of the accounts im following post a s4s I will usually try to share their photos. I do have a (somewhat) negative view of s4s.... let me explain. Hosting a s4s can be nerve wracking!!! Hopefully a few people want to join in, which is great at building a community, but i'm always afraid that I will hurt someones feelings if i dont pick them. Some people will post like 10 accounts in one frame, i dont do that! i post one picture, one account per post. And I know from personal experiences I dont like seeing my feed full of s4s, I follow you for you. Another thing I do differently is I write a little bio of why this person needs a follow, and I generally follow the people I share, because if I wouldnt follow them, why would i ask my followers to follow them. I have also recently started doing a s4s weekend where I will share 4 to 5 accounts a day over the course of a weekend, one weekend a month. The truth is I really like doing the s4s..... but I have been burned a few times. There was the time that an account with 35k followers left my pic up for 4 mins Awesome! Or how a former IG friend holds a s4s errDAY and is literally so worried about getting new followers it not only lets her content suffer, but alienates her long term followers. There are also those IG horror stories of a person who id so desperate for some little bit of the Kardashian style fame that they befriend other IG'ers in hopes of gaining more followers. The kind of people that would sell their soul for fame, but yet never seem to step up their game when it comes to publishing content, yep them people. BUT then theres the good side, an Im a product of that good side! my photos have been shared over a dozen times, during s4s or just by another IG'er sharing my photos. You see my photos are different, I dont share looks or outfits, I post highly stylized photographic product photos similar to what you would see in the beauty section of a magazine, so not very searchable!! With the help of other IG'ers sharing my pics I have grown my follower base, and thats why I can appreciate the s4s. It has also been my pleasure to make true and genuine friends on Instagram. SO MY BOTTOM LINE: use it dont abuse it!! And remember, Instagram is just an cant feed your kids or pay your rent."- deedeetn

nancys0fresh on Instagram 20.9k followers

"I know there are many people that are against s4s, but I am one of the few, that are totally for it. Ofcourse with everything there are some pros and cons. Pros are not only do I gain followers from the shout outs that people give me, but honestly what I love more is the people I find and discover. I get the opportunity to find these amazing beauty addicts like me, and it brings me so much joy. The first time I did a s4s, I admit, it was for the followers, I thought it'd help me gain a few, but now, I do the s4s just to find these beauties. And unlike some people I do individual shout outs, and I keep it up for more than an hour, I actually keep it for a few days to a week long, Okay, now onto the cons. I dont think many people realize how stressful it is for me when I do s4s, of course it is my fault because I wanted to do the s4s. But, it is stressful, let's say 50 people give me a shout out, its hard for me to choose who to shout out, I wanna do all 50 but thats just too much and I know my followers will hate me for that. So I end up doing half, which is 25, but its hard to choose which 25. I know so many people hate when we do s4s, because they have this opinion about us that we only do it for the followers and/or they believe that its unfair to the people giving us the shout out, and maybe some people do do that, but some of us actually do it to discover people. I also do a s4s because I have no pictures to post and am too lazy to take new ones, or dont have time too. So its easier to just repost other people's pictures and help them get discovered. Anyway MY BOTTOM LINE: All in all, i'm one that is for s4s."- nancys0fresh

ashtagmakeuplovee on Instagram 17.7k followers

"Within the beauty community there are so many accounts that dedicate their content to cosmetology and go unnoticed. I think shout out for shout out is one of the best ways in this current time frame to share and spread the makeup love amongst people with the same interest. It has made me discover some of my favorite accounts that I would have never known existed if it wasn't for s4s. MY BOTTOM LINE: I personally chose to s4s and I feel it has helped my grow as well and make new connections in the beauty industry." ashtagmakeuplove

Tell US in the comments what are YOUR Do's and Dont's of s4s on Instagram?? 

Dee Dee

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Mascara Madness: LANCÔME Hypnôse Star Mascara.

Mascara finishes any great eye look, so how does this LANCÔME mascara measure up?

I love mascara and i often find that I really do need it to finish and top of my lashes. Since i wear glasses I do feel that I need something on my lashes so they "don't get lost" behind my lenses. Now saying all that my favorite mascara to date is the Benefit BadGal Lash Mascara. This gives me length and volume and its just perf...... Anyways back to the LANCÔME Hypnôse Star Mascara

I do actually like it... #shocker i know right? But, isnt there always a but in one of my reviews?? I love the effect it gives, but i wont be purchasing it.

There are two pretty big reasons why I wont be taking the plunge on this one and getting a full size.

First off... this has FRAGRANCE. Yes gurl your read that right, it is fragranced! Ive never had a mascara that is fragranced. Have you? No? Yeah me neither. The eye are is such a sensitive area, i cant believe they would basically perfume a mascara. It is strong, a few times while testing this for a month, my eyes actually watered!!! This is not something i want to happen after ive just applied a precise eye makeup!

The next thing is that the wand in this one is interesting, not bad by any means, it is like flat. It is not rounded but it does flare out on the sides and you can use this just as a traditional wand. It has great maneuverability and you can get even the smallest of small lashes covered. I know what your thinking.... ok Dee Dee whats the problem then? The problem is you ABSOLUTELY have to blot the tip of this because (im guessing for the wand shape) it holds a ton of product on the tip of the wand. Its not cute gurl. There is so much product on the end of the wand if you dont blot it you will run the risk of a gluppy mess.

What they say:

This mascara dresses lashes in intense volume, unfolding a new vision of glamour inspired by Betty Boop and top model Daria Werbowy. The formula's "black-diamond effect" imparts a glossy gel-like finish. The dual-action brush has a flat side for optimizing product deposit at the lash line while the rounded side separates, defines, and lengthens.

I will say they are right about the formula! I Love the formula. It gives me a beautiful black inky almost shiny look. It doesnt flake or smudge. I have worn this for 10 hours and i didnt have any problems out of it. One thing that i did like is that it wasnt runny. I have watery eyes and if i can keep my fingers out of my eyes it didnt run, amazing! I never had one mascara black tear at all. 

Why, Lancome, why? Why you gotta do me this way? I love this but i wont buy it, the idea of fragrance in a mascara? Somebody somewhere in this company shoulda been like 'Hold up, whatchu just say? perfume what? NaWh son, we cant do that' ya know cause frangrance is an IRRITANT!

Tell me in the comments what kind of mascara would you like to see a review on?

Dee Dee

Friday, May 2, 2014

Dear MAC, An Open Letter

Dear Mac,

What happened boo? Has there been a restructuring? Has there been shake up? Have you lost touch with you core standard and beliefs? Have you completely gone of the rails, and lost touch with your consumer in favor of a Get Rich Quick Ponzi Scheme??? Ding Ding Ding. At least one of those statements are true! Behold I give you the promo images for the new Limited Edition (is anyone surprised?) Maleficent Collection. 

What, What, What is going on here? At first when I saw these images leaked online, I thought this was a joke. I'm not kidding here y'all. This looks like a branding officer was just chillaxing in Bora Bora one weekend (like you do, like you do) and it suddenly hit him that the rough draft for this collex had to be turned in soon. So whilst sipping piña coladas and getting a "SpeCiaL" message from a cabana boy named Jacques he cobbled this little jewel together on a 1st generation iPad. Again... I'm not kidding. 

It's just same ol same ol. Like can you even handle this right now? Where is the innovation? Where is the must-have packaging? This is just lackluster at best! The problem with MAC is that they have stumbled upon a business plan that brings in money hand over fist. What's the problem with that?? They've become a joke. The ENDLESS limited editions collections create a frenzy and makes you feel like you need it, only to get it and be horribly dissapointed! Another by product of this frenzy is that there are those people who I kid you not, will buy 9 of the same lipstick color because she knows it won't be available again (maybe in a few years) and then that makes it harder for others to find it. 

So what happens is there is such a limited supply that it does feel special. But that's not the case. The fact is Mac could produce more quantity but then the lack of quality would be more of an issue.   Why MAC, why??? Your breaking my heart you know that? I'm taking all my $$ to sephora, ohKay. The (un)limited releases are just endless, repetitive, disappointing and not necessary. I would really like to see MAC overhaul their whole vision when it comes to limited releases. I think 12 well edited, perfectly put together collections would be ideal! They could actually spend quality time on research and development of amazing new products! Why is this not happening? Why do they release 80 collections a year? 

This is turning into a bad breakup adu. 

MAC I'm begging you ... Get your shit together. 

Dee Dee