Tuesday, May 19, 2015

That Time Estée Lauder Lied To Me.

Ok what went wrong guiese???

The rumors of a new release of a powder gelée started in (if I'm not mistaken) January, in Feburary there was speculation that it was the ever-elusive Heat Wave.... By March the disappointment of the harsh reality of a cruel world had settled in.

The feeding frenzy we have come to expect surrounding the Bronze Goddess release that includes a powder gelée came on early and strong. (I'm talking crackers at the duck pond here people.) The fog of HW lifting at least we could console ourselves with a new powder gelée, right?? Right! Well no actually. Because it's NOTHING like a powder gelée!

It's nothing but a cheap, low down dirty trick! This is actually not an Estée Lauder Pure Color Powder Gelée. Oh no! This... This right her... This right here girl is an imposter! Oh yes! 

The texture doesn't match, the pigmentation doesn't match, hell the ingredients don't match!!! It's not a highlighter it's not a blush, it's not a face powder, what the hell is it? 

Can you feel my disdain? ⬅️ is the point I stopped at two weeks ago, because I can't think of anything to say other than I don't like it, I never will. Also there was this whole group of people that were just absolutely convinced that this was a re-release of Heat Wave..... 💨🎶 wah, wah, waaahhhhh🎶 yeah this is not her hunty. 

I've tried all manors of application, and I can't actually see anything on my skin. Oh girl it's deep in here right now. I've even taken a MAC 109 and packed it on like I was stacking pancakes. And guess what??? I didn't see ANYthing. I was not beat for the gods, oh no! This is such a waste of a good product. This collection is a staple in summer and always a huge hit for Lauder, they could have launched this powder as an multipurpose facial powder (similar to MAC beauty powders) and I wouldn't have been mad. They could have said it was just a highlighter and I still wouldn't have been mad, but since they choose to label it as a powder gelee it feels like they intentional tried to pull a fast one.... And THATS what's makes me mad. 

Here is a video review of the complete collection from the everso talented Dustin Hunter. BTW'z he agrees with me. Dustin was also gracious enough to provide several of the photos for the blog..... (only the very nice ones, the other ones are from yours truly) He is spreading his product knowledge all over teh interwebZ you can catch him on YouTube, InStagram, Twitter, and ofcourse all over his FACE, and blog!.

#devastated.... #betrayed.
Dee Dee

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Thursday, May 7, 2015

What Happens When Guys Take Bras Off Each Other??


I get too much joy from this channel on YouTube
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