Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Words of Wisdom on Makeup Collecting


This is your come to Jesus MOMENT: You dont need every shade...

I know this is a touchy subject in the online beauty community, but the truth is.... you dont need every shade of that brand of lipstick lipstick you like just because you like the formula or the packaging is cute.

Whew now that i got that of my chest lets begin, shall we? Ok there are a few things to remember when you set the world ablaze makeup shopping...

1. There are hundreds of limited edition collections released every year. You WILL miss a few, hopefully many. It will not be the end of the world. Here is the thing behind larger companies releasing tons upon tons, and stacks and stacks, of these LE collections, (here it comes are you ready? this is going to change the way you feel about LE collections, are you sitting down?) its a marketing tool to stay relevant. I know I know that was a hard one to take in but just breath through your nose and we'll get through this together. 

Behold: my makeup collection from 4 years ago....

2. There is an art to "Makeup Collecting" the most important (2nd most obvs) thing to remember is that if your goal is to acquire a huge amount of makeup, just heaps and heaps, youll never really be happy with what you have. Not only will it never be enough, youll never feel like you have the right items you need to complete your look. Its not about getting every color, of every release. Its more about getting the items that give you the chills, that you cant live without.

3. That being said, #yolo yo. If there is something out there that if you skip on you will loose sleep, become socially awkward, develop a hysterical herpes case.... BUY it. Its just makeup, dont let something like the "big decision" to purchase a lipstick give you a stress induced case of conjunctivitis (possibly not a real disease).

My collection from 3 years ago...

4. The #yolo movement, does have one caveat when it concerns makeup (and so much more really) dont go into debt, for makeup. Please pay your bills, the mortgage the cell phone, your babys lunch room fees, before you #yolo some new makeupZ.

5. Its just makeup, something bigger better shiner and newer will always be around the bend, so if you missed out on something dont worry there's always right around the corner to set your little hearts a fluttering.

And Finally my makeup collection from 2 years ago.....

And FINALLY its just makeup, I know I like to treat it like its the second coming,  its not that serious. Makeup can bring a lot of joy into your life, provide employment, and help you look cute, but.... You cant airbrush yourself into being a Decent Human Being.

Dee Dee
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Monday, February 17, 2014

If My Life was a Tshirt- Pink & Black version

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Chanel is killing me!!!


Chanel why would you release such pretties when Mama got no monies?? 

Oh so Sultry...
Leave it to Chanel to release 15 lipsticks, 3 glossimers, 3 long wear liquid lipsticks, and 9 (you saw that right yes 9) lipliners in one massive collection.

I'll take one of each, please...
That moment when you look at a new collection and realize you wont be paying your cell phone bill this month...

Rouge Coco 62 Irresistible, rosewood with silver shimmers. (#MaMaWantRealBad)
Rouge Coco Shine 90 Mutine, soft iridescent pink with silver shimmer.
Rouge Coco Shine 92 Émotion, rosy plum + intense shine. (#MaMaWant)
Rouge Allure 145 Rayonnante, deep fuchsia with mauve shimmer. (#MaMaISDying)
Rouge Allure Velevet 47 L’Amoureuse, an intense rosewood. (#OneOfErrTHANG)
Glossimer 182 Tocade, plum gloss. (#MustHave)
Rouge Double Intensite 46 Deep Rose*, deep pink plum (permanent).
Le Crayon Levres 26 Pretty Pink, violet-plum pink silver shimmer. (#illTake2)
Le Crayon Levres 58 Rubellite, deep pink. (#FUChanel4DoingTHis)
Aqua Crayon 21 Plum*, plum.
*only available in certain markets

Mama Like pIIIIIInK...
So Many Lipsticks, So Little Time.....

Rouge Coco 54 Le Baiser, intense pink golden shimmer (permanent). (#IwantErrThang)
Rouge Coco Shine 91 Boheme, fresh radiant red. (Im Looking for a good red)
Rouge Coco Shine 87 Rendez-Vous, intense bluish pink (permanent).
Rouge Allure 138 Fougeuse, lively uncompromising pink (permanent).
Rouge Allure Velvet 46 La Malicieuse, brilliant velvet red. (#Never2ManyLipsticks)
Glossimer 179 Murmure, soft candy pink (permanent)
Rouge Double Intensite 54 Strawberry Red*, soft red.
Le Crayon Levers 48 Bois de Rose, classic for all tones
Le Crayon Levres 88 Rose Clair, timeless soft pink.
*only available in certain markets

Zero Fucks will be give to orange.
Not getting a one of these! Orange does nothing for me.....

Rouge Coco 61 Cheri, delicate peach.
Rouge Coco Shine 69 Flirt, apricot coral (permanent).
Rouge Coco Shine 89 Satisfaction, intense sophisticated beige.
Rouge Allure 144 Conquise, satiny apricot.
Rouge Allure Velvet 43 La Favorite, intense, matte luminous coral (permanent).
Glossimer 181 Bliss, peach with golden shimmer.
Rouge Double Intensite 53 Coral Peach*,  easy-to-wear coral peach.
Le Crayon Levres 34 Natural, deep beige.
Le Crayon Levres 89 Beige Satin, powdery pink beige.
*only available in certain markets

Ok so by my calculations there are 12 items i wanna pick up from this "little" collection..... Aye Dios Mio, why you doing this to me Chanel??? My favorite is definately the berry part of the collection, which is understandable these are my favorite type of lipstick colors on me. I just think they suit my skin tone the best, and lip shape and size. So are you going to be picking anything up from this collection? I just love Chanel but dang, they are hitting my wallet hard.

For some more info check out Im A Beauty Geek.

Dee Dee
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Friday, February 14, 2014

A Drive around the Big Bad City

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Oh Laura, Oh NO! You Didn't!!!


That moment between when a company realizes that they have hit on a their hands and they exploit it, over produce it, and then alienate their loyal customers by running that sh*t into the Ground, and raising the prices SKY HIGH.  #yolo 'Mercia.

All teh pretties 

Omg Omg Omg hold up!!! Laura Mercier has obviously recognized the money maker that is the 'artist eye palette' and is releasing a new one now.... With a HUGE price increase so now it's $80 ..... Oh but it come with a sample mascara and a sample caviar eye stick... If that makes a difference 

See That?? in December 2013 it was $48!!

It don't, not $40 difference!! 
So the NEW Laura Mercier Artist Eye palette is out now at Nordies... (Oh Nordstrom you give me all the lyfe) and the price tag is well, needless to say its almost as surprising as it is disappointing. ALMOST.

Laura Mercier Artist Eye Palette (2013)

When I bought the last palette it was $48 retail, I mean we can add tax, but that aint really what this is about boo. So imagine my shock when I saw the price of the newest edition of the "Laura Mercier Artist Eye Palette." Its $80 yall 80!!! like EIGHTY DOLLARS!! omg what what what are you doing Laura if that is your real name. Like what? who? what? what?

There she is Laura Mercier Holiday 2011 on the left.

Ok Laura you had me at Hello, ok ive picked up 2 of the last 3 holiday palettes, and I love them. I use them A LOT! But girl, GIRL come on now girl. Like $80 dollars for realZ?? Its not that good.

For realZ, really?? 

I guess to balance it out they added a deluxe sample size of mascara, and a deluxe sample size of a caviar eye stick. Thats all really nice and for $48 i would have jumped on it, but for $80??? Um no Bae, no no boo boo, no can do. IF they were full size and thats a big IF (with capital letters) I could see the hefty $80 price tag, but deluxe size?? You obviously got frostbite in this winter wonderland weather we are having and it went straight to your brain. 

Thats almost a 100% price mark up.... Laura you aint that cute.

So i ask you will you be picking this one up even with the price increase?
Dee Dee

Working Hard? or Hardly Working.

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