Friday, February 14, 2014

Oh Laura, Oh NO! You Didn't!!!

That moment between when a company realizes that they have hit on a their hands and they exploit it, over produce it, and then alienate their loyal customers by running that sh*t into the Ground, and raising the prices SKY HIGH.  #yolo 'Mercia.

All teh pretties 

Omg Omg Omg hold up!!! Laura Mercier has obviously recognized the money maker that is the 'artist eye palette' and is releasing a new one now.... With a HUGE price increase so now it's $80 ..... Oh but it come with a sample mascara and a sample caviar eye stick... If that makes a difference 

See That?? in December 2013 it was $48!!

It don't, not $40 difference!! 
So the NEW Laura Mercier Artist Eye palette is out now at Nordies... (Oh Nordstrom you give me all the lyfe) and the price tag is well, needless to say its almost as surprising as it is disappointing. ALMOST.

Laura Mercier Artist Eye Palette (2013)

When I bought the last palette it was $48 retail, I mean we can add tax, but that aint really what this is about boo. So imagine my shock when I saw the price of the newest edition of the "Laura Mercier Artist Eye Palette." Its $80 yall 80!!! like EIGHTY DOLLARS!! omg what what what are you doing Laura if that is your real name. Like what? who? what? what?

There she is Laura Mercier Holiday 2011 on the left.

Ok Laura you had me at Hello, ok ive picked up 2 of the last 3 holiday palettes, and I love them. I use them A LOT! But girl, GIRL come on now girl. Like $80 dollars for realZ?? Its not that good.

For realZ, really?? 

I guess to balance it out they added a deluxe sample size of mascara, and a deluxe sample size of a caviar eye stick. Thats all really nice and for $48 i would have jumped on it, but for $80??? Um no Bae, no no boo boo, no can do. IF they were full size and thats a big IF (with capital letters) I could see the hefty $80 price tag, but deluxe size?? You obviously got frostbite in this winter wonderland weather we are having and it went straight to your brain. 

Thats almost a 100% price mark up.... Laura you aint that cute.

So i ask you will you be picking this one up even with the price increase?
Dee Dee

Working Hard? or Hardly Working.


  1. Haha that is too funny. I love the way you talk. I wouldn't pay that for it. I got the spring palette but I haven't even tried it and there's a lot of mixed reviews.

  2. I was having a daydream today about them making more of these, but $80? How rude! I couldn't on principle but thousands will I'm sure.