Thursday, August 22, 2013

Nars Pressed Powder in Flesh


Check out that pan PORN y'all.........

Nars pressed powder is $33 for 8g. It is a finely milled little powder that can be best described my me as a blotting or a touch up powder. Sephora says:

Nars Pressed Powder has a silky feel that will not cake on the skin, after multiple applications. Apply alone or over foundation for a soft, natural-looking finish. 

AAAAaaannnndddd that where our opinions start to diverge, l do really like this powder a lot, but it will get cakey and and look quite chalky after various applications over the same foundation. So if your wearing makeup that will only need to be touched up 1 to 2 times this is for you. It is completely matte, and gives a "natural" almost dimensional finish. The issue lies in the situations where you will be needing to wear makeup for longer periods of time, and will need to touch up frequently. At the end of 4 to 5 touch ups over several hours you will look like the pie maker tossed a bag of confectioners sugar on your face. But then again after so many hours in makeup.....whats the big deal???

Anyways, i will not be re-purchasing this one, not because its bad or not good, just because it doesn't suit my makeup needs. 

Dee Dee

PS that is Sephora Precise Natural Powder Brush #121 now, sadly discontinued ya know because thats what they do with eveyrthing thats good.....
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Wednesday, August 21, 2013

My September 2013 Beauty Wish list


As in I dream about ALL teh makeupZ i cant afford because im unemployed....... 

1. DiorShow Mono Eyeshadow in 760 Tweed at $29 this little baby cant be passed up, is what i would have been saying a few weeks ago. This appears to be kind of a shade shifter duo chrome taupe with hints of a lime green snuck in there for good measure.

2. Burberry Beauty 'Fresh Glow' Luminous Highlighting Powder in 01 Nude Radiance is just stunning,  and comes with a stunning price tag of $48. I am going thru a highlighting hoarding period at the moment..... i miiiiight make this happen.

3. Giorgio Armani 'Kaleidoscope Fall 2013 - Eyes to Kill' Intense Silk Shadow in 33 Scarab Violetta is already sold out at Nordstrom so that one is pretty safe good thing to that $33 will do me nicely staying right where its at.

aaahhhh alas real life can get you down sometimes, but not for long. 

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Saturday, August 17, 2013


How much is to much when it comes to Social Media?

(dare i Say?) my ______ (no i don't dare)

How many media sites are just enough? Is there a tipping point where your social networking becomes saturated and just annoying? Short answer YES there is a point where you can have too much social nets. (AhEm Amanda Bynes) 

Social Media should not be about documenting every scrap of food you are thinking about much less eating, but about keeping in touch with friends, family and followers. Sharing major updates and funny or relevant annecdotes is more like it. When it comes to social media...... Less is more.

How many sites are you on? Me????? Hmmmm i think 7-9 but i dont post everyday on all of them, and i will often go weeks without any post online. So my question to you is do you have a limit to what your willing to share online? How many social nets are you on?

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Thursday, August 15, 2013

Sephora sale items


OMG Get on These, They on Sale!

Hey guys! This is just a quick not to tell you about some great eyeshadows in the Sephora Clearance section. THE OUTRAGEOUS PRISMA CHROME METALLIC EYESHADOW. I LURVE this formula! These are very similar to the Estee Lauder Cyber eyes powder gelee shadows, which is my favorite eyeshadow texture!

I also did a quick video of these HERE

Check on these!

Dee Dee

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Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Tarte is being Sarcastic

Lights, Camera, Lashes, My Ass

This mascara is my EPIC Fail of the week. It appears to be sent from the heavens, but appearances are often deceiving. 

(Check on that super hipster Instagram filter y'all) 

The brush is nice at a small to medium size, and on application, you believe all the promises. Then disaster sets in. 

At around 2 hours of wear my lashes become sticky and tacky, to the point where I can actually feel them sticking together giving the illusion that I've been under anesthesia and my eyelids are stuck together. 

So if you've missed your beauty sleep or just love that look of major invasive surgery, pick this up........ 

PS. this is my moms favorite mascara, so it could work. Then again she has 4 college degrees, she never could make a concise decision 

Dee Dee 
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Sunday, August 11, 2013

Laura Mercier sticking to what makes her the most $$$


Laura Mercier gets me every time.....

Up until recently, I never would have called my self a highlighting fan. That was until July of 2013 which we shall forever memorialize as "HIGHlight-O-Pocalypse." I do not know what came over me, but all of a sudden I was raptured by the urgent desire, nay desperate need to be swimming in shimmery highlighters. 

This MAY have something to do with Mrs Laura's insistence on releasing yet another Limited Edition  highlighting powder. Spell bound is just..... i cant i cant...... its joy in a jumpsuit. Behold Rose Gold Goodness

I purchased this little beauty from Nordstrom, and at $42 for 10 grams, she aint cheap. So should you take the leap and make a commitment or just a one night stand? Well Nordies describes this as: 

"A beautiful face-illuminating hybrid product with a soft rose-gold shimmer perfect for highlighting. The unique formula based on high pearl levels provides buildable long-wearing color."

Now all that being said, what i can tell you is that this is not a run out the door, apply with a grubby finger and look instantly like a 15 yr old (Where is that?, ill take 2) type deal. It is so very pigmented that you will need to test out different application methods and find the best fit for you and your makeup style. I like taking a Real Techniques setting brush, and after diffusing the pigment a little one my hand, applying to my face-y face giving that ever-saught after candle-light glow. This is warmer in tone that i usually prefer, but hey....whatcha gonna do, right???

Price: $42
Limited Edition: Oh Yeah, all the greats are
So do YOU need this? Nope
Should you get this? Yep, definitely check on it yall
Would i repurchase: Absolutely
Would i buy a back-up: Nah life's to short
Issues: Yes the packaging is to big, and the closing mechanism opens to easily

On a side note, the design pressed into the powder looks like silk sheets after the best sex of your life..... Laura you temptress. 

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Hola and Welcome to the new Blog!

I have find myself with some time on my hands......... which is never a good thing, follow me and my exploits here. 

Ta Ta for Now
Gossip Girl

no no i'm just kidding 
Dee Dee
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