Thursday, August 22, 2013

Nars Pressed Powder in Flesh

Check out that pan PORN y'all.........

Nars pressed powder is $33 for 8g. It is a finely milled little powder that can be best described my me as a blotting or a touch up powder. Sephora says:

Nars Pressed Powder has a silky feel that will not cake on the skin, after multiple applications. Apply alone or over foundation for a soft, natural-looking finish. 

AAAAaaannnndddd that where our opinions start to diverge, l do really like this powder a lot, but it will get cakey and and look quite chalky after various applications over the same foundation. So if your wearing makeup that will only need to be touched up 1 to 2 times this is for you. It is completely matte, and gives a "natural" almost dimensional finish. The issue lies in the situations where you will be needing to wear makeup for longer periods of time, and will need to touch up frequently. At the end of 4 to 5 touch ups over several hours you will look like the pie maker tossed a bag of confectioners sugar on your face. But then again after so many hours in makeup.....whats the big deal???

Anyways, i will not be re-purchasing this one, not because its bad or not good, just because it doesn't suit my makeup needs. 

Dee Dee

PS that is Sephora Precise Natural Powder Brush #121 now, sadly discontinued ya know because thats what they do with eveyrthing thats good.....

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