Wednesday, August 21, 2013

My September 2013 Beauty Wish list

As in I dream about ALL teh makeupZ i cant afford because im unemployed....... 

1. DiorShow Mono Eyeshadow in 760 Tweed at $29 this little baby cant be passed up, is what i would have been saying a few weeks ago. This appears to be kind of a shade shifter duo chrome taupe with hints of a lime green snuck in there for good measure.

2. Burberry Beauty 'Fresh Glow' Luminous Highlighting Powder in 01 Nude Radiance is just stunning,  and comes with a stunning price tag of $48. I am going thru a highlighting hoarding period at the moment..... i miiiiight make this happen.

3. Giorgio Armani 'Kaleidoscope Fall 2013 - Eyes to Kill' Intense Silk Shadow in 33 Scarab Violetta is already sold out at Nordstrom so that one is pretty safe good thing to that $33 will do me nicely staying right where its at.

aaahhhh alas real life can get you down sometimes, but not for long. 

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