Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Tarte is being Sarcastic

Lights, Camera, Lashes, My Ass

This mascara is my EPIC Fail of the week. It appears to be sent from the heavens, but appearances are often deceiving. 

(Check on that super hipster Instagram filter y'all) 

The brush is nice at a small to medium size, and on application, you believe all the promises. Then disaster sets in. 

At around 2 hours of wear my lashes become sticky and tacky, to the point where I can actually feel them sticking together giving the illusion that I've been under anesthesia and my eyelids are stuck together. 

So if you've missed your beauty sleep or just love that look of major invasive surgery, pick this up........ 

PS. this is my moms favorite mascara, so it could work. Then again she has 4 college degrees, she never could make a concise decision 

Dee Dee 

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