Monday, December 2, 2013

Buxom Serial Kisser

You better WERK. 

How much effort are you willing to put into your lipstick? Will it change your mind if I told you it was amazing lipstick? The Buxom Serial Kisser Set is a set of 5 mini size of Buxom's Full Bodied Lipstick. Can I just say w0w! I had never tried this formula before so I had no problem jumping in feet first as they say, and i'm glad I did....... but

These are some of the softest lipsticks i've ever tried. So creamy in fact that they have a hard time keeping their shape in the bullet. Its more akin to smearing room temperature butter on your lips than a lipstick. I guess we can go ahead and call it what it is, an extremely pigmented lip butter. The difference comes in with the lasting power. These little babies (by themselves) have an above average lasting power, which is around 3-4 hours for me. Where they shine is with the help of a lip pencil, with the lip pencil they will last forEVEr. I would recommend completely filling in your lips with either a nude color or one similar to the lipstick in shade, tone, etc. BUT these lipsticks will slide right off you face in the heat.

Highly pigmented?  Check
Long Lasting?         Check
Color Options?        Check
Creamy Texture?     Amen!

The darker color especially but even the lightest color DID stain my lips. Which is something I actually like, it wears away in a way that is not obvious or distracting. It does not wear away patchy, clingy, or gross (obligatory -y ending averted, your welcome).

Soooooo in closing, I DO love'em and I think they are great, I'm glad I picked them up and i'm going to use them, but I dont think I will ever pick up another one, hey it gets #HotInTennesseeYall. 

BUT I will be depoting these babies into another container, idk maybe a palette of some kind. They are just so soft they dont have the fortitude to withstand application direct from the tube. 

Dee Dee

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