Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Downton Abbey da Hell...

Ok y'all little known fun fact: I have a mental illness and I never leave my house. Oh you didn't know?? Well now you know. This mental illness facilitates the opportunity to be a professional FanGirl.

Mixed Feelings Time Yall.......

Oh Edith, you done dun it boo. I mean i have ALWAYS hated her "Ugly Sister" persona but what what what what is going on here?? First of all yeSsSsss its going to be some drama breathed back into the show after the fiasco of Matthew's death (swerved to miss a bus??? what the hell. Is that the best they can do??) I can see where they are going with this whole women's lib movement, and her wanting to be her own woman and more independent and blah blah blah etc etc etc. BUT and here's where my complaint comes in, it doesn't feel like this is something she would have done naturally if it weren't for her previous bad experiences with men. She's no Cybil.

You know it just seems like if she had gotten her way with the old guy, she wouldn't give two fucks about being a writer/journalist. It feels ...... off. When someone hurts me, angers me, i can often lash out or revert inward, but thats ALL me, i was that way before. You might not have been abel to see it but it was always there. That is whats missing from the storyline with Edith. I dont think any of her current happenings would have been there if things had worked out for her.

Now you might be thinking that "people have the ability to mark us and change who we are, whether we want them to or not" and you are right. That most definitely a possibility and it happens everyday. The only issue is would a sweet little aristocratic lady go off the deep because of one broken heart and feelings "never being good enough." Yes thats the question.

So she's either preg or has a 1920's STD..... well lets hope she has "The CLAPper" or "The Worry WARTS' and not a parasite in her uterus.

BUT i must confess, i kinda hope she's pregnant..... omg can you imagine the one-liners granny's gonna come up with???? #excited

Dee Dee

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