Friday, March 14, 2014

DrugStore Gems: Maybelline Color Elixir Lip Color

Maybe its Maybelline, and maybe it doesn’t suck!!!!

Shocker, Surprise, Hell  just might be experiencing a frost. I like them!! I orginally only picked up one (as you should always do when trying out new formulas from any brand at any price range). I got Vision inViolet 040 (obvs there really wasnt any other option). And I really do like it. 

The formula is smooth but thick. When im researching products to buy I often turn to the the all knowing internet, and I saw one review say that these where water thin..... What was she trying ‘cause these babies is THICK. Thick but not sticky, kind of cushy similar to Fresh Sugar Lip Balm if it was a liquid, which its so soft it almost is.... #tangent Sorry.

The thickness is understandable considering how these are marketed as a lipcolor balm, with concentrated pigment. I also found these deceptively moisturizing, yah know what I mean?? Yes, no, Maybe?? What I mean is that they feel great on, very comfortable but after they wear away there is not true lasting moisturizing feeling. 

The texture on these babies does lend itself to a downside.... Or 3. The thickness can (hmmm how could you describe it....) thin out once it warms up so there is a tendency to bleed, and pool in the corners of your mouth #seXXXy. As moisturizing as they feel, they don't last long 30-45 mins MAX. Like also did I mention that they is THICK..... theres no way you can forget that you have these little babies on, There is obviously something on your lips.

So I went back and got 2 more. This time I picked up Rose Redefined 090, and Raspberry Rhapsody 030. I might pick up Dashing Orchid 035, but im not to sure I have a lot of lip products. 

What Maybelline Says:

Fall under the spell of the elixir effect
Hyper-saturated color, ultra cushiony feel
The new hypnotic lip sensation
Why You'll Love It

A trio of concentrates delivers the color of a lipstick, the cushiony care of a balm, and the glass shine of a gloss
Our exclusive smoothing angora brush delivers a polished , even application and smoothing sensation to lips

For Best Results
Apply lipcolor with applicator wand starting in the center of your upper lip. Work from the center to the outer edges of your lip, following the contours of your mouth. Then glide across the entire bottom lip.

If your looking for a drugstore option of a true to color moisturizing lipgloss give these a try I actually (and I cant believe im going to say this....) really do enjoy them, they are just lovely.

Dee Dee


  1. I love the two that I have, and I really want to get more in some fun summer colors, like the coral one!