Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Trash Talk: Empties Would I Re-Purchase?

Sometimes you save your trash to talk about it on the internet.... YEP i'm that kind of blogger now.

So here is a look at some of the things i'm saying adu to, and tossing! YaY!

The Real Techniques brush completely separated at the ferrule. The brush hairs just came out! Now i don't plan on letting this one brush affect my feelings on the brand i still love all the brushes i have and i have many. So if this happens again i will report back, until then i stand by the company 100%.

Urban Decay Primer Potion in Sin! I love this stuff, I am currently using the original Primer Potion. The Urban Decay is as of right now, my holy grail eye primer. I will absolutely re-purchase this.

The Sephora by Opi Quick Dry Nail spray is kinda sad to write about since the dont make this anymore!! THE MAN ALWAYS TRYING TO HOLD ME DOWN!!!!! I loved this one in particular because it was a spritzer spray and not an aerosol. Because aerosol sprays often provoke an asthma attack. Look at Sephora solving a problem and shit then discontinuing the line..... Thanks Bae. #sarcasam.

The Anastasia Beverly Hills Eyebrow Gel in Clear is my favorite brow gel period. I got this sample and it lasted literally 6-9 months! I have already re-purchased this. And just a tip these are regular priced at $22 for a full size but Nordstrom usually has a 2-pack during their big summer beauty event for $30 so definitely worth the investment there.

The Narciso Rodriquez for Her Eau de Toilette is everything. My perfume sample hoarding is off the chain. Lets just be honest i have a ton......  The fact that i finished these and saved them to remember to purchase is something in itself. I thoroughly enjoyed this scent and i will be ordering a full size but i am probably going to order the Eau de Parfum.

Urban Decay Primer Potion in Sin is lovely. I use some form of eye primer everyday and more likely than not it is from Urban Decay. I loved this one, the packaging left something to be desired but that has now been changed. There are only 2 cons to this product.... #1 they dont sell this size anymore and #2 The shimmer in this one doesn't really make this an option (for me) to place from lashline to lid. I did really enjoy just using this one on its own, as an all over color. Overall i would repurchase this but its not tat the top of my list.

Dr. Dennis Gross Alpha Beta Peel Extra Strength Formula have you tried this yet? If you havent what are you doing with your life?? These come in different strengths to accommodate everyones skin type. This has the Karate Kid 'wax on, wax off' principle down to a science. Both step 1 & 2 are individually wrapped and come on little cotton pads. The best cotton pads ive ever seen! Its not they are so lux and fluffy. Its just the don't rip apart. This is an awesome exfoliating treatment that doesnt have to be washed off!!!

And that concludes this trash talk.... What have you used up in the last few months?? Anything you cant wait to buy again or anything you decided you just flat out hate and will never think about again??

Till Next Time Friends
Dee Dee


  1. That's so strange about the Real Techniques brush, that's never happened to me before! I've only ever tried one of their brushes, the silicone liner brush and I didn't like it, but I'm really interested in trying their face brushes.

    I've never used UDPP in Sin but I did just buy the anti aging formula and am excited to give that a go soon.

    1. Hi, yes i have never had this happen before or since. I dont know what caused it but I love Real Techniques and have almost all of their brushes i still stand by them. If this starts happening more and more oftern then i might have to change my mind but as of now the are amazing!! I couldnt imagine doing my makeup without them.

  2. The same thing happened to my setting brush and they sent me a new one. The rest of my RT brushes are still fine.