Friday, September 26, 2014

Dear Beauty "Guru's": An Open Letter

There's a new De-Cluttering revolution going around in the beauty community, and it makes me sick.

There has been a rash of de-cluttering videos on youtube, where a "Beauty Guru" basically goes through his or her makeup collection and gives away, throws away, or donates just buckets of makeup (most not even used or barely touched). Then a few videos later has a huge haul or a haul series, because they just "got rid of my whole collection!' 

I have two big problem with this. One is that they are feeding into the whole feeling that you can never have enough, never have the best, that theres always more to buy to make you happy. Which is not true. This deep feeling of "NEED" when it comes to makeup. We don't need makeup, we like it. We do not need to have huge collections, we like it. We do not need to have 50 blushes, we like it. I do not need to have 100 lipsticks, i like it. I've seen several of these clean outs and they are getting rid of perfectly good makeup, and then buying replacements...... #wUt. I don't understand. If you truly want to downsize absolutely good for you, but dang you couldn't make it 6 weeks before you started replacing things you've trashed?

The second thing is that these videos seem like filler videos to "have a revelation" that you have too much makeup, get rid of it, and purchasing more. So it feels like some girls are just doing this for views. Im talking about these people that have a huge subscriber base of hundred of thousand and millions, its for the views, we get it. Gotta get that Adsense money honey. Girl please its so noticeable. 

There are other people that are actually making a conscience decision to downsize and I respect that. So before you start a huge project just be honest with yourself and your followers about your reasons why you want to do it.

Dee Dee  

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