Friday, September 27, 2013

Jordana Eyeliner: Your kidding me right?? Epic Fail of the Week

What do you expect from a $1.99 Eyeliner?

I will admit I had low expectations going into this. I mean what can you expect from a $2 eyeliner from the drugstore? I was hoping for a soft smooth semi-opaque retractable eyeliner, well 1 out of 4 aint bad (woah wait a minute, yes it is). IT IS retractable ill give it that, but thats it....... 

Ok where to start where to start? First of all, for a retractable cream style pencil the texture of this liner is very dense, because of this the color payoff suffers. Second of all, the color is "See through" at best and, if you prefer a "Soft Wash" (which I dont). It fades after 1.5 to 2.5 hours and AND heres the kicker ..... Makes my eyes water like I was sitting front row at the wedding of the great long lost love of my life to a stripper from Omaha. 

But on the Upside ....... It is RETRACTABLE. 

Dee Dee

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