Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Sonia Kashuk: A $20 Palette Worth its Weight in Gold

After a month of disappointing drugstore products,  Eyes on Neutral 02 gives me something to consider.

Aaahhhh 12 all matte colors YES YES YES. 

Let me explain, I love matte colors. well matte neutral colors that is. This palette contains a wide variety of neutral colors ranging from a off white all the way to a black. The reason i love this one so much is there are only 2 colors that I don't use! My usual eye looks consist of pearl shadows with matte shadows worked through the crease, the brow bone, and the outer V. 

As you can see some dips are already forming......

The reason this is a must have for me is because has so many cool tones. Its hillbilly love y'all. So i gotta ask, "Whats your favorite matte palette or matte eyeshadow formula?"

Dee Dee

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