Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Lorac UnZipped: Unpopular Opinion Time

Sometimes I just cant, with the hype yall.


The Lorac Unzipped palette is available by itself and is also featured in several of Lorac's Holiday sets. I've had this palette for quite a while now, so I wanted to throw my 2 cents into the mix. Needless to say it's Not Hot. At least in my opinion anyway. The problem is that its not bad, but its just not good either.?? IDK what is going on here people, be one or the other. Be loved or be hated but why be indifferent??? Whats up with that. Oh and on the realZ really interesting and unique names Lorac, home run.... (nope that doesnt start with a 'Un') oh im sorry unimpressed. 

The texture of these shadows is rather interesting. In a sarcastic way that is. They are prone to fallout, so avoid your trusty MAC 217 (and those similar) when applying these babies. I'm familiar with fallout, she has been my constant companion while working with this palette. The matte's are hard and have far less than great color payoff. The metallic's are beautiful but  many are "see-thru" or "delicate" aka mediocre and average. Oh and...... did i mention

Fallout like a #BEAST

Undercover, Unbelievable

Unattainable, Unconditional

Unbridled, Undiscovered

Unreal, Uncensored (Ooops I lost the swatchy swatchy pics!)

Unspoken, Untamed 

The funny thing is, is that if I was not a sophisticated makeup maven (or as my mom says: "obsessed, addicted, delusional, hoarder") I would have loved these shadows. It is solely for the fact that I have tried out so many different brands and textures that I can firmly say that these are just adequate, average, ok, and The Kiss of Death in the makeup world..... nice. Funny enough a lot of the shadows remind me of MAC and those textures.

I mean a real testament about this palette is that i've had it since its original release in 2012 and i've only used it 10-12 times and that includes 10 times trying to work with it for review purposes.

Some RAW thoughts on the colors:

Undercover- perfect pale girl brow bone matte highlighter. Stiff and dry feeling ok color payoff. Similar to MAC Brule but a little brighter and a little more pigmented.

Unbelievable- Looks can be deceiving.... In the pan it looks like a mid-toned bronze but swatches and applies like a bronzed pink and I mean shimmery  piiiiiink. I would say its metallic pink. Blends ok

Unattainable- Hello fallout my name is “Unattainable” darker than “Unbelievable” this is her older more expireced sister. A Pink-y bronzed taupe (I just cant with color descriptors yall im sorry). Probably best as a lid color, I wouldnt venture into the crease with this one.

Unconditional- kinda resembles MAC Quarry but not really (70% dupe). Another stiff and dry matte, im not getting chills here girls. Best for crease and blending out.

Unbridled- uggh with this matte texture. Stiff dry on repeat on da reg. Why why why. Kind of like a dark chocolate. 

Undiscovered- BFF’s with fallout. Friends & Fallout?? Good all over lid color, but you will need something in the crease, very one dimensional. Close to a perfect dupe of MAC All that Glitters, if thats your thang....

Unreal- perfect dupe for MAC Grand Entrance and similar in texture and color payoff.

Uncensored- Taupe-y ok pigment with some but not as much fallout as some of the other colors in the palette. Similar to Inglot #402 but bronzier and a smidge bit more red. (also not as awesome)

Unspoken- Finally!!! The texture is tight and right. Great matte color great color payoff, wow omg was it that hard LORAC?? Similar in finger swatches to MAC Charcoal Brown, but where Charcoal Brown is lacking in pigmentation this one is not, EXCELLENT pigmentation. Hey 1 out of 10 aint bad right?

Untamed- Fallout, TN yall. This is a beautiful color its a dark reddened chocolate metallic brown. I thought I had close dupes, but I dont they all needed to be mixed with something else, so im not even going to mention them, I mean come-on aint nobody got time for that. 

So I know your thinking, "Ok who IS this good for?" I would recommend this for the obsessed makeup lover, who might not have 673 brown eyeshadows. People that travel. Makeup Newbies who do not have a lot of palettes or might have issues making color pairing and combos. Hoarders that just NEED it (ya feel me?). Also this would be good for those few persons (possibly in the witness protection program) that have not tried the Lorac Pro palette because there are to many sultry shades in it.

Dont get me wrong its nice, its just not life altering (or good for that matter).  To me its not worth $40 alone or as a focal point for a larger Christmas set. AND thats the bottom line 'cause Dee Dee said so.....

Dee Dee

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  1. I have this and the Lorac Pro Palette. I reach for the Pro Palette so much more!!!