Sunday, November 10, 2013

Tarte Holiday 2013 is NOT Giving Me Life.

Let me tell you a story about Tarte outsourcing product production to China, and how it becomes the fail of the week.

I really do enjoy blush, i'm not sure if you knew that about me. I'm gonna go out on a limb here and say you did. I like Tarte and I also like their Amazonian Clay blushes, with Exposed being not only a cult classic, but a personal favorite as well. I have and still do have several Tarte AC blushes in my collection but have gotten rid of a few because I went bat shit crazy and thought I had to have every one even the colors I knew I wouldn't like...... obsessed I know its a problem, I'm seeking treatment (no I'm not). So when I peeped this super cool set on is went all in. THis is not longer available at Sephora but its still on Tarte's website. The Leave Her Blushing Set comes with 3 mini blushes and a blush brush.

The issue comes in around the time you get your hands on the blush and rub your grubby (hopefully clean) little finger in the product. Ok Tarte what kind of shenanigans are you trying to pull? Because this is not a Amazonian Clay blush. Mystified as why there was no color payoff I do some researching (no I didnt, it just fits with the story. Roll with me here people) some googling (also no, I didnt) and found out these were manufactured in China. (yeah no, what really happened is in a insomniac state of zombie flux I was playing with blush and while trying to exhaust myself with a swatchfest I read the back of the packaging.) BUSTED!!!! To get finger swatches of the blush you really do have to dig in, you gotta dig... well to China.

Heavy Swatches

MUCH MUCH Heavier Swatches. 

The regular all day err-day Tarte blushes are manufactured in USA, but not these. Hence ipso fact through some Sherlock-ing this must me the reason for the lack of quality. A quick fix to fulfill the mad Christmas dash........ and make a profit. 'Merica the great.  Hey yolo yall.


The brush also suffers greatly from the outsourcing. I have 3 of the Tarte blush brushes and this one is obviously the odd man out. Shame on you Tarte.


Some Raw thoughts on the colors. 

Imagined- hot pink with some kind of something, duo-chrome (esque) or shimmer, or whatevs. 

Treasured- peachy-orange and also contains sed shimmer whatevs from the previous Imagined.

Honored- matte neutral rosey brown. Quality is marginally better. again whatevs.

So this is my epic fail of the week, I would also skip this one in the Holiday rush. If you really want some Tarte blush for Christmas just buy a full size and enjoy that one.

Dee Dee

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