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Laura Mercier Holiday 2013 ~ Artist Eye Palette

Laura Makes me happy happy happy.

all teh pretties

Laura's offering this year is very exciting! I know, its a shocker that I am excited about new a new makeup release right? I missed out of last years holiday palette, and I still find myself thinking......... what if? Why did I wait so long? Well this year I did not go for a repeat makeup failure. I snatched it up quick from Sephora when I had a F&F code. Oh gurl, i'm glad i got it for sure.

Finger Swatches are sometimes a necessary demon....

12 colors that can produce a litany of looks from the lightest of wearable corporate appropriate day ware  all the way down (or up depending on how you look at it) to a sultry smokey eye. The colors include 6 matte shades 3 shimmer shades and 3 satin shades.

Sparkling Dew,  Guava,  African Violet 

Plum Smoke,  Kir Royal, Violet Ink

Vanilla Nuts,  Primrose,  Fresco

Bamboo,  Truffle,  Espresso

My only little thing which might or might not be an issue for some is that some of the shadows are so easily blendable that they can be over blended, and blended out to almost non-existant.

Here are some RAW thoughts on the colors in this baby.

Sparkling Dew- soft beige with a hint of shimmer but not really, maybe a sateen texture. Lovely inner corner, or base color. Close to MAC Orb

Guava- Shimmer-ish light pink. This does not give me chills its just nice.

African Violet- Typical shimmer texture and feel. A burgundy - brown mix. Pulls brown or purple depending on colored base. Similar in color tone (if that makes sense) to bamboo except that one is brown, so either a purple look or a brown look.

Plum Smoke- Matte. Mix of colors grey, purple, medium brown. Da BOMB for crease and blending out a sultry look. Plum Smoke + African Violet = love at first sight (think 6th grade when possibilities abounded)

Kir Royal- Texture of a shimmer without the shimmer. Satin? Applies like BUTTAH wow lovely color. Burberry Mulberry seems like a close dupe. Im thinking I have an Inglot color ???? Very close if not dead on.

Violet Ink- Matte dark purple....‘nough said. Along the lines of MAC Fig 1.

Vanilla Nuts- Matte my skin tone in a pan THE brow bone highlight for me. Thanks to Laura I will not need to use another shadow with any look I do.

Primrose- Pink shimmer much better color than Guava. Blends like buttah. 

Fresco- Matte. 2nd warmest in palette. Blends good, with almost a ruddy undertone.

Bamboo- Golden shimmery neutral. AKA brown yall. To base color is a bronze-y brown but the micro-micro shimmers in it are golden and flash with a hint of red, so it leans a little warm. When I look at it I think Inglot 402.

Truffle- Matte. Warmest color in the palette. IMO the best matte in the bunch. You would think that a matte chocolate brown would be easy to dupe but you would be wrong, I cant think of one off the top of my head.

Espresso Bean- Dark Matte Ashy brown pulls like a dark slate grey on me. LOTS of grey in this one. Best bet for outer corner or liner. Blendable not dry.

Swatchy, Swatchy

If you can get your hands on this, dont let it slip through your fingers. While it does lead a little warmer on my skin than I prefer, its still a winner. I am so glad I was able to get my hands on this one this year. This one is an all encompassing perfect travel palette for all skin tones, thanks to the depth of color choices. AH-maz-IN.

Highly recommended!

Dee Dee

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