Saturday, November 2, 2013

What is The Power of Neutrals?

Its da thats whats up.

The Bare Minerals line launched the pressed formulation of their shadows a while ago. Like a long while ago and I have a few of the palettes and have always enjoyed them, and thought the quality was nice. But none of them have ever really set my body a buzzing. You know that feeling where you dig your (clean) little grubby fingers into an eyeshadow and the clouds part a perfect beam of angel light shines down on you and sweet cherub babies mock you at your reluctance to believe in the hype surrounding a new product. Yeah gurl that kind of BUZZ. 

(I'm very "fair" i.e. sickly so two of the colors blend into my skin tone and take a back seat in the photos, but I a sure you there is NOT a dud in this palette.)

Bare Minerals READY Eyeshadow 8.0 has........ 8 (who would have guessed) eyeshadows and the palette itself has  8g's of product weight has a whole.

Check on that pamphlet, BE is getting all kinds of helpful.

I'm not gonna lie, when i started hearing about this baby I was like "oh ok another neutral eyeshadow palette like I need one more taupe eyeshadow, ya know" NOPE I was WRONG! This is not like all the others. Its full of cool tone eyeshadows. Which is always my preferred colors of eyeshadow and really any makeup products as a whole. There seems to be an issue when i apply warm yellow or red based colors to my face, it just doesn't look right on me.

I have not experienced any problems with longevity of wear with Bare Minerals eyeshadows, now saying that...... I have oily lids and I use a primer AND a base every time I apply eyeshadow. BE has also included some proprietary ingredients for anti-aging and such. It also contains caffeine which is an ingredient in many de-puffing eye creams and serums. Just remember for the ant-aging properties to meet their full "potential" if you will or to get the best results you would need to wear these on the daily (and probably skip the primer).  


Boss Lady- A shimmery beige with a hint of peach. Very smooth. ah-MAz-ing inner corner highlight. *Looks glittery in the pan but its not. Close to MAC phloof

Moneymaker- a MATTE eyeshadow that almost looks like “wet concrete” to me as a posed to dry concrete. It could also be described as a darkened khaki brown. I cant think of any dupes right off the top of my head.

Schmooze- The superstar of the palette. Like BUTTAH wow wow omg. Its just so good. Metallic finish. Burberry pale barley looks similar from what I can tell from online swatches

Boardroom- This one is the driest texture wise of all 8 shades. Its kind of like a dark hershey’s chocolate color. This one for me is best as an outer corner or liner color because of the dry texture made it a little harder to blend. Inglot #326 is the closest thing I have but it is more pigmented and blends better.

Exec- Hold da phone Batman, is it purple-taupe? Is it grey-purple-taupe?? Grey-taupe-with a dash of purple? What is it? Its sass in a glass is what it is. When you look at it you think it would be easy to dupe, it doesnt look like anything special, but as many shadows as I have in my collection it is completely unique. More sating than shimmer and blends well. MAC Electroplate is close much more purple.

Payday- The yin to the yang of Moneymaker. This one is like a dry concrete color with a hint of grey stuck in for good measure. Good blender or crease color of more sultry neutral looks. Another matte

Magnate- hmmm matte peach color, probably the best brow highlight offered in this palette. Not gonna lie kind of blah. Kind of looks like a mix between MAC Brule and Kidd. Definitely the warmest color in the palette.

Get Ahead- ANOTHER MATTE!!!! Its kind of like a (darkened) medium-brown (sorry, im crap at describing colors especially all browns) Blends like nobodys business, an absolute joy to work into a look. It does have a grayed feel to it which is why it leads so cool toned. For duping possibilities look to Inglot.

In conclusion........ OH my LAWD you NEEEEEED THis YALL

Dee Dee

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