Saturday, March 29, 2014

My Favorite Makeup Collections on Youtube.

Sometimes the only thing you can do is watch someone else's makeup collection and drool.

There are a times when you just want to shut the world out and watch some amazing makeup collections. aka errday yall. So i have a list of some of my favorites to watch. 


This one from Rachel is hands down my favorite of the bunch.  A little known (widely known and acknowledged) is that I have a mild (severe) case of OCD. All teh pretties in a row, matching, in pristine condition..... give me just all the lyfe. so buckle your seat belts for 40 mins of makeup heaven. 

SO the XX-Large Collections.


Eshani has just errthang. wow. The thing that i like most about Eshani's collection is that she has a mix of drugstore and department store makeup. Which is something I myself struggle with. 


What kind of collection will you acquire after years of beauty blogging?? Well Aileen gives us a little glimpse! She also has some non-traditional storage (those cute little buckets to start with). I honestly kinda want to metaphorically roll around in it. 


Maggie embraces her love of makeup palettes.....and i like that. We have that in common. She also has an interesting way of storing her makeup by brand, and by product. so for example all the companies under the Estee Lauder brand are grouped together, by product. 


just yAsssSssssS honey child theres 3 parts..... TaraBAbyZ. No words... can i come over for a playdate?

My Boo-Thangs...


I feel like ive been watching Dusty for days, no no for years. Makeup Artist, Musician, long lost  blonder skinnier funnier twin.....ya know whatevZ. Bottom line if your not followin Dustin Hunter you dont know what up. POINT. BLANK. PERIOD.


A lovely friend from IG. Meka has a great collection has a good mix of drugstore and department store. She is beginning to dip her toes into the luxury brands. AAaaaAAANNNddd she has a connection to Tennessee, so.... you never could tell, we could be related.


And finally one of my best friends, Ash!! This sweetheart is so kind and caring, and loves her some makeupZ. She is kind of new to the youtube game but she id definitely leaving her mark. She is moving right now, but will be filming another collection soon, so check this one out in the mean time.!!

WhEwWW!! What a list! so tell me whats your favorite makeup collections to watch??

Dee Dee

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