Friday, May 2, 2014

Dear MAC, An Open Letter

Dear Mac,

What happened boo? Has there been a restructuring? Has there been shake up? Have you lost touch with you core standard and beliefs? Have you completely gone of the rails, and lost touch with your consumer in favor of a Get Rich Quick Ponzi Scheme??? Ding Ding Ding. At least one of those statements are true! Behold I give you the promo images for the new Limited Edition (is anyone surprised?) Maleficent Collection. 

What, What, What is going on here? At first when I saw these images leaked online, I thought this was a joke. I'm not kidding here y'all. This looks like a branding officer was just chillaxing in Bora Bora one weekend (like you do, like you do) and it suddenly hit him that the rough draft for this collex had to be turned in soon. So whilst sipping piƱa coladas and getting a "SpeCiaL" message from a cabana boy named Jacques he cobbled this little jewel together on a 1st generation iPad. Again... I'm not kidding. 

It's just same ol same ol. Like can you even handle this right now? Where is the innovation? Where is the must-have packaging? This is just lackluster at best! The problem with MAC is that they have stumbled upon a business plan that brings in money hand over fist. What's the problem with that?? They've become a joke. The ENDLESS limited editions collections create a frenzy and makes you feel like you need it, only to get it and be horribly dissapointed! Another by product of this frenzy is that there are those people who I kid you not, will buy 9 of the same lipstick color because she knows it won't be available again (maybe in a few years) and then that makes it harder for others to find it. 

So what happens is there is such a limited supply that it does feel special. But that's not the case. The fact is Mac could produce more quantity but then the lack of quality would be more of an issue.   Why MAC, why??? Your breaking my heart you know that? I'm taking all my $$ to sephora, ohKay. The (un)limited releases are just endless, repetitive, disappointing and not necessary. I would really like to see MAC overhaul their whole vision when it comes to limited releases. I think 12 well edited, perfectly put together collections would be ideal! They could actually spend quality time on research and development of amazing new products! Why is this not happening? Why do they release 80 collections a year? 

This is turning into a bad breakup adu. 

MAC I'm begging you ... Get your shit together. 

Dee Dee

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  1. Bravo! Well said. I sometimes fall into the trap but I manage to avoid it most of the time.