Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Mascara Madness: LANCÔME Hypnôse Star Mascara.

Mascara finishes any great eye look, so how does this LANCÔME mascara measure up?

I love mascara and i often find that I really do need it to finish and top of my lashes. Since i wear glasses I do feel that I need something on my lashes so they "don't get lost" behind my lenses. Now saying all that my favorite mascara to date is the Benefit BadGal Lash Mascara. This gives me length and volume and its just perf...... Anyways back to the LANCÔME Hypnôse Star Mascara

I do actually like it... #shocker i know right? But, isnt there always a but in one of my reviews?? I love the effect it gives, but i wont be purchasing it.

There are two pretty big reasons why I wont be taking the plunge on this one and getting a full size.

First off... this has FRAGRANCE. Yes gurl your read that right, it is fragranced! Ive never had a mascara that is fragranced. Have you? No? Yeah me neither. The eye are is such a sensitive area, i cant believe they would basically perfume a mascara. It is strong, a few times while testing this for a month, my eyes actually watered!!! This is not something i want to happen after ive just applied a precise eye makeup!

The next thing is that the wand in this one is interesting, not bad by any means, it is like flat. It is not rounded but it does flare out on the sides and you can use this just as a traditional wand. It has great maneuverability and you can get even the smallest of small lashes covered. I know what your thinking.... ok Dee Dee whats the problem then? The problem is you ABSOLUTELY have to blot the tip of this because (im guessing for the wand shape) it holds a ton of product on the tip of the wand. Its not cute gurl. There is so much product on the end of the wand if you dont blot it you will run the risk of a gluppy mess.

What they say:

This mascara dresses lashes in intense volume, unfolding a new vision of glamour inspired by Betty Boop and top model Daria Werbowy. The formula's "black-diamond effect" imparts a glossy gel-like finish. The dual-action brush has a flat side for optimizing product deposit at the lash line while the rounded side separates, defines, and lengthens.

I will say they are right about the formula! I Love the formula. It gives me a beautiful black inky almost shiny look. It doesnt flake or smudge. I have worn this for 10 hours and i didnt have any problems out of it. One thing that i did like is that it wasnt runny. I have watery eyes and if i can keep my fingers out of my eyes it didnt run, amazing! I never had one mascara black tear at all. 

Why, Lancome, why? Why you gotta do me this way? I love this but i wont buy it, the idea of fragrance in a mascara? Somebody somewhere in this company shoulda been like 'Hold up, whatchu just say? perfume what? NaWh son, we cant do that' ya know cause frangrance is an IRRITANT!

Tell me in the comments what kind of mascara would you like to see a review on?

Dee Dee

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